The Wedding of the Age


The six made quick work of the the dozen men responsible for desecrating this once blessed day. Realizing they were outmatched, the foes routed but were effortlessly rounded up by the peerless speed of Sedulous Cormorant. Skilled interrogation by Marquis de Dau and Righteous Justice led to the discovery of the worst: Lina and Krumr have been abducted, and that the abductors want the Harlequin Bird returned to them. Also:

  • The Liberators are the group responsible.
  • Sedulous’ Six have 36 hours to bring the ship, before bad things start happening.
  • The trade will happen in the village of Sajag, due west of Palanquin
  • No funny stuff.

The group decides to continue interrogation while en route. One particularly forthcoming victim let out some information about The Liberators that the party can use. Almoldo, the shotcaller for The Liberators, is known. Knowing more about him will provide a chance of getting back the newlyweds unspoiled. A chance that diminishes as they learn more about their enemies’ brutal behavior. Is the right move to respond in kind? What other option is there?



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