The Wedding of the Age

"To Sacrifice a Cheese"

They had tasted of sin and decadence. Cormorant had never tasted anything like it. Freedom. Jade. He had to have more.

Dau was talking on and on to a group of half dressed sycophants, telling a joke that the Captain felt he had heard a thousand times. Cormorant tried to listen, but his nose caught a whiff of delectable Cheese and his feet followed.

He lost the sound of Dau’s voice in the general roar of the crowd, but his mouth ached for another delectable morsel.First Cormorant followed server around, approaching the hapless young woman from various angles and always pretending it was for the first time.

“Cheese stick sir?” She would say, habitually smiling.

“Hrm. I suppose.” Cormorant took one.

“Cheese stick miss?” She would say to someone else.

“Oh, could I try one of those?” Cormorant slurred from off her shoulder, reaching out and plucking another from the tray.

“Cheese sticks?” She would coo over a crowded table full of Lina’s family.

“Oh, give one here then.” Cormorant piped up from among the tables’ assembled

When her tray had been emptied, Cormorant followed her back to the serving area deftly switching out trays until his pockets were full of cheese sticks.

Now that he felt he had a sufficient hoard (He didn’t want the cheese to make his pockets too gooey) Cormorant took a moment to pluck one from his pocket.

“Cormorant! We have a problem. Lina’s gone. So is her husband.”

Sedulous quickly swallowed the remaining cheese in his mouth, “They’re newlyweds. Of course they disappeared.”



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