Sedulous Cormorant

Night Caste Sky Captain and Artifact Hunter


Cormorant is of average size and slender build. He wears an elk skin buff jacket lined with fur and a high collar that rises to his ears. Hanging around his neck is a red checkered bandana, which he will pull over his mouth in cold weather. On his head he wears golden rimmed goggles, usually holding his long black hair out from his blue eyes. In casual mode Cormorant wears this jacket unbuttoned, his inside pockets lined with throwing knives, lock picks and other tools. He usually carries his Longfang in his right hand, or looped over his shoulder by a leather strap.

Character Sheet:

ST note

We’re hacking the Retainers background for this campaign. At the beginning of the adventure, this character has Retainers **. I’m going to convert that from a semi-powerful single being into 3 less powerful mortals. One of which is Krumr.


Early Life

Sedulous Cormorant was named after his grandfather, who had originally received the trading contract his father and mother were endeavoring under when he lost them. His father had gone off the trail, he could not remember why. His mom placed a music box in his lap and told him to wait with the elk pulling their wagon until she or his dad stepped foot on the road again. There were screams and pleading grasps from either side of the road. Terrifying and fantastic creatures. Early in the night the Elk were scared off of the path and into the wilderness. More than once the creatures wore his parents faces, but they never stepped on the road, so Cormorant waited, listening to his music box and waiting.
When the morning came he woke on the back of a wagon, chained among other children and making their way to an airship to be shipped off further north. The men had taken all of his parents goods and dispersed them among themselves. The little music box was gone somewhere among them.
“Everyone off the wagon one-by-one! We’ll all be getting’ onto the Really Nice Place, alright? So be good little boys and girls and the Nice Place’ll be good to you, eh?” The raider shouted over them as Cormorant took in his first sight of the airship whose destiny would one day be intertwined with his own. The ship was an ancient beauty with essence sails and magnificently crafted woodwork but the smell of human misery shocked him out of wonder. He remembered feeling that the ship itself felt oppresed by it’s cargo.
As Cormorant boarded he stepped on a nail, biting deep into the ball of his foot and bringing him to his knees. He was struck until he got back to his feet and under the decks. When he was finally allowed to sit, chained as he was to all the other children, he plucked the nail from his foot and went about attempting to pick the locks of his chains. After what seemed like days of hiding his effort from occasionally visiting guards, Cormorant broke himself free and stood above his huddling peers. Sedulous looked out over the huddled and filthy masses, turned his back, and left them there. This decision would haunt him through the rest of his youth.


He began his career as a stow away because The Really Nice Place was in the sky and Cormorant had nowhere else to go. When they came to rest in a Shadowland, Cormorant fled The Really Nice Place and got onto the next airboat he could find. Sedulous spent much of his youth stowed upon Airboats moving between the Haslanti league and their trade partners.
Though he originally started his Stowing career hiding in dark corners of airboats, he soon learned that disguising himself gave him the ability to wander a ship with fewer restrictions. During this time he began to switch between water based boats and air boats, learning how to sail both. After he made connections with Fences in various cities he began taking jobs stealing cargo from ships while they travelled, often times unloading goods in the middle of the night onto a nearby barge.
Many times he was caught, just as many times he escaped. Throughout his journey’s the Really Nice Place would show itself now and again. He would see it at port or far off in the sky, hovering ominously on the horizon, reminding him of his childhood failure.
One night in Nexus he was listening to his music box play The Harlequin Bird whilst he perched atop the rigging of a Haslanti trader. He saw the Really Nice Place and became resolved to face his fear and board it again.


Disguising himself as one of the crew, Cormorant snuck onboard and waited for the ship to leave port. When The Really Nice Place let off anchor and took off Northward, he ingratiated himself to the ships crew, though they couldn’t quite place when he’d become a member. It took a month long con before the ship settled down to raid a northern town for slaves. When they left to raid, Cormorant stayed behind and set his traps while a sense of intoxicating accomplishment began to wash over him. When the crew returned, he let the slaves board. That night, one by one, he detained every member of the ship in a trap designed particularly for them. It had taken a month of planning. Sometime in the course of the night, Cormorant Exalted. He wasn’t sure of the precise moment he became aware of his essence use, but by the time he had the ship’s captain in shackles, he was surrounded by a blue black glow of wings.
Cormorant freed the slaves and branded all the raiders as slaves themselves, and let off those who wanted to go at the next port.

Sedulous Cormorant

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