Marquis de Dau

Night Caste


Character Sheet

Anima Banner: When his anima starts appearing, violet and grey patterns that compliment his local environment, like an impeccably selected wallpaper start so obscure his body and face. When the anima reaches Iconic level, a giant golden silhouette appears behind him, sleek, elegant, and featureless. It has no face, but a definite expression of disdain.


In flux. Likes to pretend to be a human noble to infiltrate and destroy the corrupt.

He has a nineteen year old god-daughter, Lina, who lives in Palanquin. She is a daughter of his childhood friends, and he adores her. He visits a few times a year when possible and brings her various gifts and generally dotes on her.

Marquis has hired Righteous Justice to officiate the wedding, partly to make his Lina’s parents uncomfortable (they are Christmas and Easter Immaculates).

de Dau been saving up for this wedding. There will be no entrees. Just appetizers served constantly. Old friend Chef Cobb and company will cater.

Became friends with Sedulous Cormorant a few years ago after a series of humorous Seasoned Criminal Method mishaps.

Marquis de Dau

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