Weaver of the Consummate Forge

Twilight Caste engineer with an arm of gold


Character Sheet at 6ft 2", Forge, has an intimidating presence. He has a strong body from years of labor, not training. He often is found wearing simple trousers of alternating light and dark brown stripes which tuck into mid calf blackish-brown boots (though it is not immediately clear whether the black is from dye or oil), and supported by suspenders. His torso is humbly adorned by a white sweat stained a-shirt, which he prefers to help manage the heat associated with working in an air-ship and his large, orichalcum right arm. The right arm is asymmetrically larger than his left arm, especially pronounced in the fist and forearm.
Time to time, when needing more clothing, or to look somewhat inconspicuous, he dons a leather duster jacket, though the right sleeve must be removed due to the size of his arm.

Forge is light skinned and pale eyed, but he has brown-blonde hair, which has receded into a horseshoe shape around his ears. He keeps a medium length beard, but keeps his mustache shaven. His facial features are unremarkable, but there is almost a spark behind his eyes, that fine line between genius and madness.

He has a tool pouch which easily hangs from the belt of his left hip, and has goggles to protect his eyes from exposure to steam or harsh winds when manning the deck.

The arm: NOTE: a 3/4" piston refers to the inner diameter or “flow diameter” of the piston. Pistons are typically pressure operated, but can be hydraulic. In this case they are steam operated. The outer diameter of the piston can, and likely are, several inches larger than the inner diameter to accommodate to the higher pressure acting on the walls of the tubing

A whirling apparatus of orichalcum plates, finely calibrated cogs, and pistons. There are two 3/4" pistons on either side of the elbow, and one 2" diameter piston along the outer bicep. The fingers are finely articulated by in line 1/4" pistons to mobilize the knuckles of the phalanges. Wrist articulation is limited to rotation about an axis perpeindicular to the forearm. The plates are segmented, hiding compartments with various numbers of deployable tools and mechanical components that hide some of the more intricate moving parts (gears and such). The shoulder joint is articulated via two large gears (one vertical and parallel with the back, and the other perpendicular and horizontal) that are partially housed under the round, pauldron-esque shoulder “cap”
as the arm is stationary there is a faint ticking noise from the clockwork timing operating the components, and occasionally a dispersion of steam through the rear vents of the pistons (which utilize a one way check valve to release excess pressure to prevent system damage).
In motion, there is a “whirring” noise associated with a turbine (not an electrical whine of a modern car), and dispersion of vented steam from the associated moving piston.
The arm has full range of human motion in theory, but in operation tends to move more geometric, stiff, movements than fluid.


  • When stationary +1 die to detect Forge through heat sensing abilities/hearing
  • When actively using the arm 2/3 for heat/hearing.
  • +2 to notice that he has a large, orichalcum arm, i.e. an anathema.

Weaver, born Fenrick Shiprwright, is the son of a skyship engineer of the Haslanti League. He was born in the town of Ironfall, the industrial capital of the League. Growing up, Fenrick wanted to spend time with his father, who was always busy repairing ships in dock. Playing in the scrap yards, Fenrick would try to make all sorts of odds and ends, but one of his prized possessions was a small automaton toy he made. Though it never functioned, he kept it as his friend, as he didn’t spend too much time interacting with other children, who were more interested in playing “Duel” or “wyld hunt.” When he got older, the other children began to bully him, which led him into many street fights. His father, trying to keep him out of trouble, got him working in the yard as an apprentice at the age of 13. Fenrick mastered all the air boats and balloon designs over the next few years and then began dreaming up more efficient ideas. None seemed to be taken seriously, so for a time he was discouraged, and began spending his off-shift hours reading about everything he could. While striking a deal with a merchant for a book of northern legends of the first age, which cost him nearly 5 years of savings to afford, and that was after making a deal for free labor on the merchants equipment, for life, Fenrick was held up in an alley by a young female thief, Ellie. Not wanting to lose the prized possession, Fenrick desperately tried to strike a deal with the would-be assailant. After an uneasy negotiation, the two came to an agreement. She would remain in possession of the tome, but he could read over its volume. The two were both interested in the potential of finding any lost relics or technology of ages past.

After nearly a year of research, the two grew close and became lovers. They both wanted to have “the good life” of riches, for her, and the resources and time to shape masterpieces of technology, for him.

When they finally found the crypt, and found how to open it, they were fearful of coming across ghosts or the dead, or worse, but what they found were ingenious traps. Most of which Fenrick was able to puzzle out and bypass. He got complacent though, and after stepping past a particularly befuddling trap, he extended his arm to his friend and lover, “Take my hand my lady!” he exclaimed, but when he leaned forward the change in weight triggered an unnoticed pressure plate. With a hiss, and a blinding flash, Ellie, and his arm, were vaporized by a burst of essence. Fenrick howled in agony and bemoaned the loss of Elle, before loosing consciousness.

Sometime later, he awoke, truly forced to feel the pain, and grief of what had happened. he could not turn back though, and he pressed forward. He had to know what was worth the price of Ellie. What he found was a chamber, with a sarcophagus, finely crafted in jade. The image of an aged man, in resplendent finery holding a cube in in his left hand near his chest, and his right hand gesturing in the air. The carving seemed to swirl, and it seemed clear in Fenrick’s mind that this man was creating something. But the cube caught his eye. He struggled but was able to open the sarcophagus to reveal beautiful garments the like of which he had never seen, dust of the body that had been, and the cube. Instinctively he tried to reach for it with his right hand, and in a flash of gold, red, and purple of the twilight night sky, the cube became the instrument of his will. It became his arm, and fused to his essence. Fenrick died with Elle in that crypt, but Weaver of the Consummate Forge was born again.

Though it pains him greatly, Weaver knows that Ellie was not worthy of the Consummate Forge, that she could not unlock it’s power, and she would likely just try to sell it. In his service, it can rebuild the wonders of the first age. Every tool has it’s task, just as a hammer sets a nail, that a rope lashes a sail, the Consummate Forge weaves essence itself into creation, and so, begins to turn the wheel again.

Weaver of the Consummate Forge

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