Righteous Justice

Zenith Caste, Righteous Judge


A magistrate judge of House Cynis. Stationed on the Blessed Isle, Righteous Justice was tasked with enforcing the laws of the Realm and the Immaculate Order. His mighty presence quickly lifted him through the ranks and he lived a life of luxury. He was a friend of the people, known for being harsh but fair. Since Ragara’s economic surpassing of Cynis, the great house increased dispossession rates. Righteous Justice oversaw and authorized many dispossessions before he began to question his own actions and the laws enforcing them. The displaced and disenfranchised quickly turned to crime and once good towns turned into slums seemingly overnight. Once honest men were arrested and dragged into the courts. With no rights to protect them, they were convicted and sentenced to harsh punishments. He questioned how a government and religion that preached compassion for the poor could systematically dismiss a people. Righteous Justice was overwhelmed by his own convictions, blinded by rage and compassion.

At the height of his passion, his frenzy lead him to the docks, where impoverished men were loaded onto ships headed to the Threshold, where they would serve out their sentences as something less than slaves. Only body separated the poor from the guards. Time seemed to slow as firewands were raised at him. The sound of orders, screaming, and the slapping of waves onto the shore were drowned out by one voice. His second breath might have been his last had it not been for the support of the Gold Faction. Justice does not know if they had been drawn to him or they had chosen this time to strike because they had seen a time of unrest. But they were able to fend off the Realm guards.

What followed was Justice’s own eviction from the Blessed Isle. Smuggled off the isle, he boarded a ship for the Threshold, forced to leave behind his old life and assets. The faction saw great potential in Justice and armed him with his Grand Goremaul.

In the months that followed, Justice questioned his role in Creation. Displaced, he looks to make a place for himself. He is now exiled from his homeland. His friends and coworkers are told he is a traitor, and many believe it. Few know the truth, and send word to Justice about the ongoings at home. He travels light and liquidated most of his remain resources. He feels indebted to the Gold Faction and counts himself as a member in thanks.

Justice now journeys the Threshold, enforcing the will of the Unconquered Sun. His new task: to serve the righteous, to bypass the bureaucracy of the Age of Sorrows, and to bring justice to those who seek to stop him.

Righteous Justice

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