Harlequin Bird

The ship


It is a Large Transport Excellent Air Boat* of First Age construction


Character Role
Sedulous Cormorant Captain
Krumr First mate
Weaver of the Consummate Forge Chief engineer
Marquis de Dau Quartermaster
Vebrandr Navigator
Herraud Sailor


Wonders, p. 34 for the details of the ship’s mechanics.

In addition, the ship requires 30 minutes to get flying from a cold start. This includes warm-up, preflight checks, etc.


Flying base of operations for Sedulous’ Six

The Harlequin Bird is named after a song that Sedulous Cormorant has kept in a small music box. The song itself is about a spirit in an ancient Winter Court and the eponymous character’s guile and rise to power through deception.

The ship was once known as The Really Nice Place, and was being used as a slave raider before Sedulous stole it and the slaves aboard. Herraud was one of these slaves, who elected to stay with Cormorant when he gave the ship it’s new name.

Where the ship came from before that, the origin of it’s crafting, is still a mystery…

Harlequin Bird

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