Sedulous' Six

Sedulous’ Six is an unofficial name for the pirate group now operating on the Harlequin Bird. They have a growing enterprise utilizing the skills of each participant to bring great wealth to all.

Their interest is in artifacts of any value, with special attention paid to First Age artifacts. What they can use, they keep. Beyond that, they sell.

Key Players

Sedulous Cormorant

Of course, he captains the Harlequin Bird, but also takes the lead in procuring the artifacts. If he can’t do it himself, he enlists help from his capable crew.

Marquis de Dau

The fence. He has particular skill at discovering what people truly need and connecting them with people who can provide. There is talk of getting investors in the company, which could prove lucrative providing they can handle the strings attached…

Weaver of the Consummate Forge

Demolitions. Or, doing the research to determine what’s good and what’s garbage. One of those.

Sedulous' Six

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