Social Influence

Social Actions

Change the feelings and beliefs of others
Declare what you want the target to feel.
Create new Minor Intimacy
Strengthening or weakening an Intimacy requires a different equal or greater Intimacy that supports the attempted influence.
Strengthening an Intimacy requires more evideance than was required to bring it to its current state.
Account for Appearance.

Convince others to perform an action.
No Intimacy: Trivial or risk-free actions (Begging a coin from a stranger)
Minor Intimacy: Inconvenient tasks, mild danger, can take longer then a scene. Does not interrupt their life, cause injury, upset their boss.
Major Intimacy: Serious tasks, risk of extreme harm or death, long term commitment. No certain death.
Defining Intimacy: Life-changing tasks, almost anything. Might even risk certain death or ruin.
Account for Appearance.

Offer bride, gift, or favor for task. Does not depend on Intimacies.

Intimidate action. Does not rely on Intimacies
Can give Tie (Fear) towards you.
Can intensify Intimacies.
Must be more afraid of consequences of refusing then of task.
Often cause immediate Tie (Negative) or weaken an existing Tie (Positive) towards you.

Incite emotions (anger, sorrow, hope, lust, hatred, delight, etc.) and passions usually with Performance.
Does not auto create / strengthen Intimacies, but might be appropriate.
Treated as Major Intimacy for purposes of modifying Resolve and enabling Persuade actions.
Not penalty for group influence.

Read Intentions
Discern what a character wants to achieve in a scene or interaction or determine Intimacies.
Perception + Socialize (Not a Influence roll) against Guile.
To determine Intimacies, ask questions. “Does he love anyone?”
-2 Guile if they are unaware they are bing observed

Apply Penalties
-1: improper attire, improper titles, minor faux pas
-3: offensive attire, open rudeness, major faux pas, task they cannot do, significant false evidence
-5: naked and blood covered, open antagonizing, breaking law, something dangerous.

Minor: +2 Resolve against influence rolls that opposed them
-1 Resolve penalty against rolls that align with them

Major: +3 Resolve against influence rolls that oppose them
-2 Resolve penalty against rolls that align with them

Defining: +4 Resolve against influence rolls that oppose them
-3 Resolve penalty against rolls that align with them

Intimacies can conflict.

Many Targets: Influence roll -3 penalty when targets more than 1 person.
Written Social: Use Linguistics. Can be meant to be read by a certain person, or anyone. Many Targets apply.
Body Language: Silent social action targets get +2 Resolve (Does not apply to Dance Inspire actions)
Appearance: +1d for each Appearance point above their Resolve for Instill or Persuasion attempts. (Avg Resolve if group)

Roll Against
(Wits + Integrity + Specialty) / 2 (round up)
Used to resist Instill, Inspire, Persuade, Bargain, or Threaten actions

(Manipulation + Socialize + Specialty) / 2 (round up)
Used to defend against Read Intentions actions

Resisting Influence Rolls
Spend a Willpower
to stop a new Intimacy
to stop a Major of Defining Intimacy from being weakened.
enter a Decision Point. Reject a successful inspire action (ST can veto)
Choose an Intimacy of equal or greater intensity. Cannot be one that boosted his Resolve.

Overturning Influence
+3 Resolve to disregard a persuasion
Must spend 1wp to attempt to overturn
Target can enter the Decision Point w/o spending 1wp
Target may spend 1wp and cite an Intimacy to accept new influence.
Overturn penelenties last for 1 story.

Retrying Social Actions
Instill: Present greater evidence or wait until next story.
Persuade: Playing on a different Intimacy (equal or greater), wait until next story, or streghen your Intimacy
Bargain: Try substantially greater offering.
Threaten: Try escalated threat.
Inspire: Wait until scene end.
Read Intentions: Cannot target same target for rest of scene.

Social Actions in Combat
Social actions = Combat actions
can be flurried
Surrender: may need Intimacy

Social Influence

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