The Wedding of the Age

Arrival at Sajag

The group arrived early in the morning to find the sleepy village of Sajag. The Liberators might easily be defeated by the Solars, but their actions might have little effect on the organization’s overall plans. Retaliation could mean the end of Sajag when the circle left. Instead, the group warned the town of the roaming pirates. Through their efforts, the town’s men were trained to defend themselves when the slavers arrived today, but more importantly, for if they returned.

The Liberator ship appeared on the horizon, but rather than dock as expected, they opened fire on the town. Justice routed the troops into cover as Cormorant and Cobb took to the seas to meet the ship. The commotion onboard distracted the crew, the shelling of the island slowed down and the troops were able to take point again. The ship finally arrived at the shore and the battle spilled over onto land.



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